My Fall Essentials

Fall is officially upon us! While it’s still relatively warm (a few days ago our high was 103!), I’m ecstatic that heat will soon be leaving. This is my favorite time of year: the trees begin to change to beautiful shades of mustard and pumpkin, the air becomes crisp, and finally (finally!) we can pull out all of our fun fall clothes. Boots, chunky scarves, and cute, relaxed blazers are my favorite pieces for this time of year. I search high and low for these so that I can add a little oomph to the jeans, t-shirts, and dresses that I’ve collected over the summer. 

Every fall I make a list of a few pieces that I hope to add during the season. The items below aren’t necessarily the exact pieces that I want, but I thought they were a good representation of what I’m looking for.

What pieces are you adding for fall?
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