Holiday Dress: ASOS Addition

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve officially entered into the holiday season *cues Jingle Bell Rock* Okay, okay, it’s not time for Christmas yet, but we are entering into the season of holiday parties. School, work, organizations, friends; you name it, someone is having a party at this very moment. For those that are still penciling in engagements on their calendar, you still have time to go out and find the perfect party dress.

No, not festive blouse, or cute skirt, but party dress. Nothing shows your femininity off better than a dress. With the right fit, you’re able to show off YOUR best feature: legs, shoulders, or decolletage.  I use to rely on jeans and a sparkly top but this year, I’m going for the gold, baby.

While scouring the net, I came across ASOS’s website and saw soo many fun options that I had to do a post about it. Depending on your budget, anyone can find a cute dress to wear.

Here are a few of my faves:


Taffeta Box Pleat Dress, $51. 72


AIWear Sequin Shift Dress, $86. 20
Curve Printed Fitted Waist Dress, $51.72
Paprika Dress Bandeau Ruffle Side Panel Dress, $43.10
Rare Tire Feather Shoulder Dress, $77.58
Vero Moda Frill Sleeve Mini Dress, $37.93

I thought all of these were young, fresh, and non-traditional. I mean, it’s easy to go with a simple LBD (you’ll see some in my next post), but sometimes, you just want to shake it up a bit. All of these can easily be played up with tights if you want, cute gems, and hot shoes.

You can see more cute party dresses from ASOS HERE.

Stay tuned for my second installment of party wear and accessories…

Design File: Act 1 by Sally Wu
Holiday Flair: Party Dresses
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