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City Style | Bobby E.

A few weeks ago, I attended my friend Darious B. William’s open house at his photography studio (Aquarius Creative Studio). It was an opportunity for people to mix & mingle while also seeing some of his work on display (he’s a wonderful photographer and I hope to do a project with him in the future :)).

While I was there, I met Bobby E. He’s a talented illustrator (he showed me some of his work and I was floored!). I immediately loved his look (yes those are real equestrian boots!), and considering we were in a photography studio, I got Darious to snap a few pics for me for the blog.

Here’s his style file:

What are you wearing?
The jacket came from this online store based out of Korea, The merino wool turtleneck is from Banana Republic, jeans by Levi, boots were an online find (I cannot remember the exact retailer), and the hat is by

How would you describe your overall look?
I think my look is eclectic,but ALWAYS evolving.

Where do you like to shop?
Banana Republic, Bonobos, Kenneth Cole, Zara

What does “having style” mean to you?
Style for me means being able to embrace the past, present, and future, and blending the three to come up with your own special look. It’s important not to date yourself, and as long as you update your look, you will never be left behind.

Think you have great style? Shoot me an email at and you could be featured!

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