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Hey guys!

Its been an uber busy and crazy last few weeks so I haven’t had a chance to update the blog like I want to. I will resume the regular posting on next week (stay tuned for an interview with an upcoming jewelry designer who designs custom pieces). In the meantime, dig into the archives to get caught up lol!

And here’s a beauty tip for my makeup lovers:

I’m a makeup junky. I get lost in Sephora and Target’s beauty aisles. These are my Meccas. I love trying out different colors and formulas, but sometimes that will leave me with product that I can’t use, particularly foundation. In addition to my skin getting lighter in the cooler months, I have a hard time matching my undertones, so sometimes what looks perfect in the store, ends up being a shade or two too light once I’m in natural light. However, makeup artist Seven Moore gave me a great tip: use foundation as concealer!

Now, I may be late for this bandwagon but I’m jumping on it. A lot of women may already blend 2 different shades to create their perfect match, but this is a trick to try so that you won’t feel like you’ve wasted money (because not all products are returnable once opened). When it’s applied with a concealer brush (or even your fingertips, which is what he uses to warm it up), it gives similar coverage to concealer. BUT, with it being so close to your skin tone anyway, it can give you a more natural, dewy finish as opposed to using a concealer that’s super light in color and heavy.

I’ve been doing this for the past 3 weeks (with both a stick & compact foundation) and I can totally see the difference. I use it undereye & on a few blemishes that I have on my face (don’t you love beginning new skincare routines?) Just be sure to blend, blend, blend and you’re guaranteed to have a flawless finish. If you’re on the opposite end and have a foundation that’s too dark, use it as a contour in place of bronzer. Similar effect. I’ve watched the Seven at work and this is a trick that he uses from time to time so it DOES work.

Anyway, I gotta run. If you already knew about this trick, comment below!

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