Magazine Fun: Creating Your Own Shopping Guide for Spring

I don’t know about you, but I’m over this weather. Seriously, I’m over the cold, the rain, the snow, having to pile on 50,000 layers just to check the mail…ugh, I’m over it (and I live in the south)! I’m ready for super fun, colorful palettes, and lighter fabrics. These covers are taunting me as I wrap up in another layer.
The Cover of Elle’s March Issue. Look at all the color!!


The cover of Lucky’s March Cover. Heidi looks gorgeous in this pink.


 I’m ready to soak up the sun and feel grass in between my (freshly manicured) toes. I’m ready for spring!!
Fortunately, Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow last week,  so Spring is near *throws neon colored glitter* Well, in addition to drooling over the latest Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, I’ve also started browsing online to determine what my aesthetic will be for the season. Am I going for classically preppy? Boho chic? Romantically retro? The styles to experiment with are endless. I’ve also started creating my seasonal lookbook.
If you’ve never done this, an easy way to figure out what style you’re in the mood for is simple. All you need are:
•A binder (choose a pretty one!)
•Sheet Protectors
•Scissors if you can’t rip a straight line)
•Pen & Paper
Go through the last 3 months of your favorite fashion magazines and cut out your preferred outfits (I know I’m not the only one with a magazine hoarding addiction, lol). Due to the way that designers preview their collections, you’ll be able to get a grasp on the different silhouettes and styles to experiment with in the upcoming season. It can be a complete look, and advertisement, whatever-if it piques your interest, add it to your book. After so many magazines, you should start to notice a pattern in the looks that you choose. 
Once you’ve “pulled” a sufficient number of looks, cross-reference the book with items that you already own. This includes clothing accessories, and beauty products. Doing so will help you decide what to keep, what to toss, and what to buy. Pull what you already own that fits the desired aesthetic and separate them from the rest of your clothes. Mix and match these pieces to get an idea of the looks that you can create now.
Identify the key pieces that you’d like to update your wardrobe with and begin creating your shopping list. Play splurge vs. steal with your list; you won’t have to pay top dollar for everything (especially when it comes to experimenting with a trend). Just make sure that whatever you purchase is worth it-always choose quality over quantity.
Also, identify the brands that cater more to your desired aesthetic. Whether they’re designer or budget friendly, doing so creates a point of reference whenever you want to add something new to your wardrobe. Visiting their websites or stores for inspiration can help you with impulse purchases (we all do it, but at least the impulse buy may actually go with what you already own).
Place everything in the binder and keep it handy when you go shopping, updating it with each season. Your style choices may change but creating your own personal shopping guide will make things a LOT easier (and a lot harder for you to say, “I have nothing to wear). 
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