Going for the Bow: LA shine for SBL

Remember Kimmi J. Cowan? She’s an accessories designer out of ATL that I interviewed here a few months ago about her up and coming line, Sonny Boy Langston (you can read it here). Well, Ms. Cowan has been on her grind and last week, SBL got a little lala land shine.

Celebrity Make-Up Artist Joyce Bonelli (Kim Kardashian & her fam, Holly Madison) sported one of SBL’s hair bows while working the red carpet with model Hannah Beth in Los Angeles. Her friend, jewelry designer Onch twitpic’d it (gotta love Twitter!), and just like that, people got to see what Kimmi’s been working on. Here’s the photo:

Oow Oooow! Rockin SBL!

And here are some more (informal) pics of Kimmi’s designs (the images from SBL’s official photoshoot are coming soon!):

As you can see, this isn’t your standard hair bow. In order to sport these, you HAVE to have a bold personality (Blair Waldorf clones need not apply).  If you’ve ever seen pics of Joyce, you know this fits her style perfectly. She wears what she wants and isn’t afraid to pull out all the stops (eclectic glam is what I call it).

Photos of Joyce from Kim K.’s website

Cheers to Kimmi! Can’t wait to see the rest of the line!

Are you into the bow trend? How big do yours get?

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