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Style Talk | Q & A with Scrapbook Originals Clothing Line

Founded in 2004, Scrapbook Originals is a unique womenswear line that’s designed for the girl that’s a lover of music, art, and all things vintage. Their clothing is ultra feminine but with an edge.  Whether you’re looking for novelty hoodie, or distinctive pieces to layer with, Scrapbook Originals is a line that’s modern, on trend, and easily accessible. Recently worn by Dianna Agron’s character Quinn Fabray on the uber popular show Glee, the dress (an aqua blue & white printed dress with orange/red trim from their Summer 2010 Collection) was so popular that there was a limited re-release (how awesome is that?)! With buzz like that, you can see that this is a line that’s quickly on the rise. I reached out to their office for an interview and they pleasantly obliged. 🙂

Who are the designers behind the label, and what is their background as it relates to fashion?
We have many designers who all have varied art and design related experiences working together to create a very unique contemporary collection.

How did you choose the name?
The name Scrapbook Originals implies our eclectic design aesthetic of mixing different fabrics, vintage prints and unique buttons and trims to create a “Scrapbook” look.

Scrapbook Originals combines elements of the vintage world with a youthful edge; how did you determine this to be the chosen aesthetic?
We never do anything boring! We’re inspired by street style, distinctive prints and textiles, music festivals, flea markets and more. We then reinterpret them into youthful contemporary looks that are perfect for our girl.

Who did you have in mind when creating the line?
We design for the all-American girl: a free spirit, intelligent, creative, and individual. She can be sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. She’s a girl who will spontaneously go on a road trip with her girl friends. You would find her at a music or art festival; she’s curious of other cultures, goes to flea markets, loves vintage finds, music and fun, new people and places. She looks for clothes that are authentic, American made and natural or made of earth friendly fabrics.

What inspired your looks for the Summer 2011 collection?
Scrapbook Originals is known for its eclectic line of knit, woven and textile print mixes, and stays true with its vintage-inspired Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Looks consist of soft feminine fabrics fused with a traditional graphic African wax print, thick distressed stripes with lace and bold hardware, along with the super colorful Japanese tie-dye technique called Shibori. Everything is tied together with contemporary silhouettes and details that feel fresh and individual.

What’s the one “must have” piece from the collection?
There’s so many great styles! Whatever fits your style and body type is really the “must have”.


Right now, the line consists of Tops, Dresses, and Jackets. Are there any plans to expand the line (bottoms, accessories, etc)?
Currently we make a bag made up of our salvage fabrics and trims. One day while looking for trims, we stumbled upon a huge secret warehouse that was filled to the ceiling with tons of vintage and limited surplus trims. We got very excited and now are busy repurposing these trims into truly one of a kind and eco-friendly accessories and jewelry. They will be in our online shop for fall 2011.

Where can people shop for Scrapbook Originals?
Scrapbook Originals is available at boutiques across the US. People can also shop at our online store (click here).

S/S 2011 Lookbook Credits:
Photographer:  Adrianna Kinnal  | Hair/MUA: Lauren J.B. O’Connell
Wardrobe Stylist: Sara Paulsen |  Model: Samantha Mavropoulo
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