Model Talk | 5 Minutes with Ava Martin

Modeling on and off since she was 16, Ava Martin made the decision to pursue it professionally the spring of 2010. As she found her footing and learned more about the industry, art, and life, her work transitioned from beauty to more emotionally stirring visuals.

To her modeling isn’t just about posing for pretty pictures in cute clothes; it is about cultivating a body of work that is distinctive and emotes truth. A natural born fighter, Ava works meticulously to hone her craft and be taken seriously, which has earned her the respect of supporters and critics alike. Both the fashion and art industry inspire and pique the interest of its viewers; Ava’s desire is to use modeling as a platform to combine the two.

Working with Ava over the last few months has been a pleasure. I wanted to do a fun, mini interview with her before she left (she relocates to L.A. in a week).  I knew the look and style that I wanted for the interview’s accompanying photos (pictures that would capture her natural beauty but also show her personality (which she is full of, lol), and we knew the perfect photographer (Darius B. Williams) to collaborate with.

Who is Ava Martin?
Ava Martin is an artist who is ready to show the world what she can do.

In your opinion, what constitutes a great shot?
You have to be willing to do anything to get an amazing photo. The energy you can feel from the shot tells you if it’s great.

When are you happiest?
When I am going through images after an amazing shoot and see the artwork the photographer and I have created. If it speaks to me, then I know it will speak to others.


Dream location for a shoot?
Honestly, the desert. I can think of five concepts right now just answering this question.

Why modeling?
I never really had a lot of self-esteem, and I feel like my photos have put that back in me and given me an outlet to express emotion.

Favorite song?
Consequence of Sound by Regina Spektor or Come Here Boy by Imogen Heap or Her Middle Name was Boom by Glassjaw. You pick! I could listen to those songs over and over again.


Favorite time of day?
Dusk. I am a night owl; that’s when I get the most done actually.

Movies or Books?
BOOKS definitely! Your imagination is challenged more when you are reading.

Cookies or Cupcakes?
Ewww neither. But if I had to choose, a cookie fresh out of the oven that is falling apart because it is so warm.

Last time you laughed til you cried.
The other night at my sister’s birthday party. Never a dull moment around her and my brother-in- law. It takes more muscles to frown than smile, so just be happy. Laugh all the time!!!


Easy to direct (seriously. this was my first time really directing a model on a shoot and it was a breeze), we completed the shoot in about 15 minutes. She’s the consummate professional, and I’m glad to say I was able to work with my friend. 🙂

To see more of Ava’s work, visit her website here.

To see outtakes from this shoot, visit Darius’ blog here.

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