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Brain Waves Swimwear | SS11 Look Book | Q & A with Designer Alisha Trimble

NY Fashion Designer Alisha Trimble, known for her eponymous RTW Line and Lingerie Line Blanche DuMois, launched Brain Waves Swimwear.  A concept-driven line that encourages girls to express their intelligence as part of being beautiful, it’s a sleek, fun & sexy take on designer swimwear. A graduate of San Francisco’s Art Institute’s Interdisciplinary Art Program, Trimble’s avant-garde creations have been featured in Nylon Japan, Revolver, SPIN Magazine, and countless others.  Check out the Look Book and a quick Q & A with the designer.

The name of the line is Brain Wave Swimwear. How did you come up with the concept? The concept arrived to me as a vision, then I had my friends in Miami develop the presentation. Ewa Josefsson did the body art and model casting, along with Nicole Santoni who shot the images and designed the set. Everyone involved was both sexy and smart.

You have a RTW line and a lingerie line. What inspired you to create the swimwear collection? Natural extension of the lingerie line, or was it something that was always a part of the plan? It wasn’t planned, but it was a reason for me to visit Miami. I’d wanted to see my friend and then we started dreaming and scheming.

The detail is in the design: keyhole center, ruffles, halters. The collection is very feminine but has a sexy edge to it. It puts me in the mind of the pin-up models from the 50s. Where they a source of inspiration or is this all in MY head, lol? A lot of the early pin up girls were very DIY and woman-centric. Betty Page made a lot of her own outfits, and often posed for female photographer Bunny Yeager. I think there’s a level of comfort in that that makes the photos really good, and I can see that same kind of thing in Nicole’s photography.

Do you have a favorite piece out of the collection? The keyhole ruffle maillot was an effort to create. I like how it turned out.

I’ve been invited on a weekend getaway but only have 15 minutes to pack, and I can only bring a small bag. I have my Brain Wave bikini-what else should I take? An alternate pair of heels, face moisturizer with SPF, a sundress or two, hairbrush and a mini perfume bottle.

Do you have any tips on how women can choose their best fit? First, start with the styles you like. Looking good is liking what you’re wearing. Then, look at your body type and select shapes to flatter. If you’re busty but petite, go a size up. If you’re smaller on top, pick one of the looks with ruffles.

Where can my readers find your swimwear? To shop the collection, go to xo

Fun concept, and I love the models that were used (each with their own look and energy). To learn more about Alisha and view her other lines, visit her website here.

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