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Looking to add a little “oomph” to your walls at home but not sure what to do? Check out these budget friendly DIY Artwork techniques from Better Homes and Gardens for a little inspiration.

Photography By You
Enlarge your favorite photos and have them framed. (Tip: Instead of getting them custom-framed and paying $$$, go to Target (or a Dollar Store in an upper-class neighborhood. Trust-the merch they carry is different!) and get simple black frames. As you can see in the photos, black is always classic).

Trace shapes (birds, leaves, hands, people dancing, whatever) on black paper and mount on white or colored paper.  I love how all the frames are different size so that you can easily create your own design. (Tip: create your arrangement on the floor before mounting to get a feel for how you want the images displayed to prevent unnecessary scratches and holes on the wall).
Four of a Kind
Want to tap into your artistic side? Take an afternoon to create abstract designs on small stretch canvases.  You can also stretch fabric around the canvas and staple in the back. (Tip: to add texture to your walls, go to the fabric store and pick up some silk (or silk-like) fabric if you’re not the best at painting).


Pretty Paper
Into scrapbooking (or just like pretty paper)? Frame pieces that go with the room’s color-scheme. Mixing prints is fun, just make sure the color palette has a common thread. 
Orange Modern Art
This is probably the easiest piece to create. Great for modern rooms, stretch art canvas painted in a pop of color really stands out. Super easy to do yourself, visit an arts supply store, pick a bold color (I like the orange, but a cobalt blue or lime green could work as well) and get to work!

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