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Event Recap | The Blueprint of a Contemporary Woman Mixer

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending The Blueprint of a Contemporary Woman, a wine mixer for Fashionable Young Professionals & New Moms. Presented by diPR Agency and hosted by Andrea Fenise (Stylist, Designer, and burgeoning public speaker), it was the inaugural edition of the The Blueprint of G.L.A.M. series.

A focus group in a relaxed setting, Andrea and diPR created the series so that young women could come together to discuss issues concerning health, beauty, life, career goals, and more, in an effort to design their own blueprint for life. Regardless of our background and career aspirations, women share a common thread of trying to obtain balance in a hectic and ever-evolving world. What we don’t always share is a support system to help us along the way. Sure, we have friends and family but at times, they may not be able to relate to the challenges we face daily, so this event afforded us the opportunity to have open, honest dialogue with women who share similar interests and are also striving to live a purpose driven life.
A diverse mix of mothers, wives, single women, corporate latter climbers and entrepreneurs, we discussed what it meant to be a contemporary woman, our definition of true independence, and  how it relates to the relationships that we form with our co-workers, families, and peers.

When laughter is involved, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.
Andria Lewis, event planner
Andrea Fenise and Dani Inez of diPR Agency
One of the activities we did was to take 5-10 minutes to draw a picture of what came to mind when we thought about our childhood. The goal was to see how our interests as children shaped who we are as adults.
Mine was just ok, lol, but her drawing was the
best out of the group so I had to snap a pic.
In some cases, we saw that we weren’t too far removed from who we were then (we all were bookworms, btw, lol), but in others, our characteristics had completely changed, for both better and worse. All in all, it was an enlightening exercise, which you could liken to reading an old diary. I’d definitely recommend you take a moment to try the exercise yourself.
We also received some yummy treats from sponsors:  Chocistry (they make AH-MAZING chocolate infused truffles), Tempting Berries Catering (some of the largest, sweetest strawberries I’ve ever had), The Bubble Bistro (specialty bath & body products), and gift certificates for shopping and various services.
Yummy treats and gift bags
Of course I took a style shot of the host.  
Olive green shirt dress + nude platforms x gold accessories = casually chic

Overall, I had a blast and enjoyed connecting with the women. I look forward to being a part of future discussions; it was a great start to a series that promises to be beneficial for all that attend. If you’re determined to design your own lifestyle (instead of living the one that society dictates you have), this may be for you. I’ll keep you guys posted on future events as Andrea is preparing to take The G.L.A.M. series on the road later this fall.
To learn more about Andrea, click here.
To learn more about diPR Agency, click here.
If you’ve ever attended a focus group similar to this, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please share!
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