Video | Behind The Scenes: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Discuss StyleMint

Check out this video of the Olsens discussing the shoot for their new website, StyleMint. A social shopping site, StyleMint offers Tees designed exclusively by the Olsens. For $29.99 a month, you complete a personal profile questionnaire and based on the results, each month you’re emailed your “Top Styles” to choose a shirt from. The concept is similar to Shoe Dazzle (Kim K. is affiliated with it), only they actually designed the shirts themselves as opposed to a company stylist picking something for you.

And here’s behind the scenes video of the shoot. Shot by Terry Richardson.

If you’ve followed the Olsen’s design career you know that they’ve always strived to offer the perfect t-shirt (The Row actually evolved from t-shirts and a few basics to a fully conceptualized lifestyle brand), so this new e-commerce venture isn’t that much of a surprise.To learn more about StyleMint, click here.

I’ve always been a fan of the Olsens (if you follow my Tumblr, you’ll see pictures of them sprinkled throughout lol). Although they’ve grown up in the public eye, there’s still so much about them that we DON’T know so anytime they do an interview, everyone stops to hear what they have to say . Because of their individual style, which developed organically over they years, they are some of the few celebrity designers that are genuinely respected in the industry (so much so that it’s hard to even still refer to them as that. They’re designers, period).

I love “Making of…” and “Behind the scenes…” videos, so to get a little insight on the looks they collaborated on with stylist Sally Lyndley was a must-see. Short clips, they’re still worth it in my book!

Are you a part of or will you be joining StyleMint?

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