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Kardashian Kollection For Sears | Did They Miss The (Glam) Mark?

Let me start off by saying I adore the Kardashians. From the moment that kooky family invaded our homes I have enjoyed their shows, their silly media headlines, and most of all, their personal style. Kim is known as the sexy one, Khloe plays it a little safe, but little Kourtney is the one that’s the most fashion-forward of the 3 and who experiments with her look the most. They all receive help from uber-stylist Monica Rose, however, you can tell, even when seeing photos of the sisters before they became household names, that they all have an innate sense of style.

Unfortunately, their personal style did NOT translate into a great line with Sears. Outside of 1 (ONE!) piece (an animal print jumpsuit) the line missed the mark for me. It’s as if the design team that they worked with took the most noticeable looks/trends worn by the sisters (tight! black! short!) and created a collection that’s extremely bland and generic. Considering they’re 25+,  I expected a much more sophisticated and glamorous line. It’s almost like it’s a knock-off of a collection that they initially created but had to scrap because of budget and time constraints.

Here are a few looks from the collection:

Great style does not a designer make.

It’s just so…obvious. I mean, I understand that the collection is for Sears so it wouldn’t be high-fashion, but it looks as if no real effort was put into it, which is sad considering how influential (like it or not) the Kardashian  “look” is right now. It’s an ok price-point (pieces are under $100; I would have to see it in person to be able to tell if the materials used were of quality) but I personally expected more, especially considering they run a successful boutique (Dash). In order to be a buyer, you have to know what works, otherwise your inventory would never sell and you’d be out of business as soon as you started. That’s what makes it so hard for me to believe that this is what they released.

Sidenote: They used the same airbrusher that’s used for their DVD covers, which is distracting and makes it look worse, IMO. I’ve never been a fan of images that are obviously photoshopped, so I wish they’d gone another route.

Maybe the collection isn’t for me and that’s why I don’t like it (their pre-sale is surprisingly selling out so maybe I’m alone in this). I’m just disappointed and expected a lot more creatively. Hopefully the next one will be better.

You can see the full Kardashan Kollection (includes womens, accessories and intimates) here.

How do you feel about the line? Where there pieces that you liked? Hate it? Don’t care either way? Should someone with great personal style auto-assume that they can be a great designer (or creative director over a line)?

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  • Anonymous

    I’m not a big fan of the Kardashians but I was expecting more from them. The tightness of the clothes cheapen the line, imo. I understand that it’s suppose to be a reflection of them but good lord! Tight dresses, leggings, short skirts, blah blah blah. Maybe this is just an introduction and the clothes will get better. Lulus.com is waay better

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