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Photos | City Style via Memphis’ Fashion’s Night Out

Last Thursday during Memphis’ Fashion’s Night Out, we had a small crowd and only a few events, but it was fun, nonetheless. I saw a few friends, talked with a fashion photographer that I’m virtual (Facebook) friends with, made contact with a few boutiques, and I met a local designer!

I was also able to get a few city style shots as well.

MUA Seven Moore (he gave us makeup tips here) wearing an always-on-trend red scarf and two students from the University of Memphis. The one in the white skirt is a Fashion Merchandising Major. Love how she’s rockin’ lace with leopard (tres’ chic!)

Designer Terry Gilchrist. She designs a lingerie collection called Naughty Naughty (super cute and sexy). She also made the outfit she’s wearing!

Her warm color combo is perfect for fall.  She told me that she’s basically wearing Anthropologie (she works there, lol).

This is Jedda. She was a model in the fashion show that night. Everything she’s wearing is from American Apparel (love the trousers!) Get this: the shoes she’s wearing are from PAYLESS.

The fashion show they had that literally stopped traffic! Some of the models crossed so fast it was funny, lol. They wore looks from American Apparel, K’Presha Boutique, Sache, Muse, and a few others.

Everything he wore is from American Apparel. I hope suspenders make a comeback. They’re so dapper, don’tcha think?

A guy in plaid is so rad (so cheesy, I know, lol)

Love the custom cutout shirt from Sache!

I have no clue who this guy is but I bumped into him so many times, I had to take his picture, lol. This is him striking his model pose!

Many of the models for the show were from The Lisa Lax Agency.

All in all I had a great time, and it’s good to see our fashion community growing. Hopefully more events will take place in the upcoming months where we can see more personal style!

How was your city’s FNO? Did you attend anything? Find great deals? Comment below!

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