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Q & A | MUA Diti Bhasin of eastxWest & M.A.C.

Meet Diti Bhasin, a Certified MUA with M.A.C. at Tyson’s Bloomingdale’s (8100 Tysons Corner Center, McLean, VA 22102), and  co-owner of eastxWEST, a fun beauty/PR duo that’s on the rise in the Metro DC area. (Click here to visit their website and learn more about them).

Diti and I have been friends on Twitter since 2008 (we actually IM’d during the election about makeup, boys, and Obama, lol), and not only is she hilarious with tons of spunk, but she’s also a sweetheart and a great person to talk to when you need advice. Not to mention, the chick’s face is ALWAYS beat (and I’m slightly obsessed with her brows, lol).

Read on as she gives KP FUSION tips on fall beauty trends to try, skin care, and which brushes all beauty mavens should have in their kit!

How long have you been an MUA?
I’ve always been into makeup, but I started taking it more seriously in 2009 when I was hired as a freelancer for M.A.C. while I was in college. I never thought I could do makeup in a more professional setting because I’m self-taught.

What’s your favorite look for eyes?
I like a very understated eye.  MY personal look is a very clean one: I love glowy skin, a soft eye, and a pouty lip, with tons of lashes and contour!

Do you have a beauty Idol
I’d say Kim Kardashian, but let’s be serious, she’s just a Jennifer Lopez knock off. JLo was the original for me.

What’s in your makeup bag right now? 
Well, my makeup bag is actually a mess; I have like 6 mascaras, 10 lip products, and a tide to go pen. Nothing that’s useful, lol

You have some of the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen. Genetics, skincare routine, or a combination of both? 
I actually have been blessed with pretty easy skin to deal with.  I do however take skin care VERY seriously. My cardinal rule is to NEVER go to bed with makeup on, no matter how drunk or tired, always use at least a wipe to take it off. I also have a full skin care video with my skin routine:

Click here if video won’t show.

Fall is literally around the corner; as the weather cools tans will fade. What would you suggest women do to help with the transition?
Well I’d recommend in a time of change to instead of using a foundation, maybe use a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers come in more general shades (such as light, dark, etc) instead of a very specific shade (such as nc42, or nw35) so it’ll be much more forgiving with the change in pigmentation. Also, in the fall and winter seasons your skin can use the extra moisture that the tinted moisturizer is providing. Don’t stop your usual skin care routine, use the tinted moisturizer as a foundation. Also, STAY HYDRATED!

NYFW just wrapped, so the beauty world is all abuzz about all the different runway looks. Which beauty trend(s) do you think will be the easiest to recreate in the “real world”? 
I absolutely LOVE the dark lip trend -it was very present in David Koma’s F/W 2011 show. I feel it’s a very easy trend to accomplish since the focus is on the lip. The rest of the face is very plain. Also, don’t be afraid of color this season. If you want something for everyday, just try using a colored liner instead of a black or brown one.

The Dark Lip Trend
Fresh Faced & still fab

Are there any you’re looking forward to trying?
I’m actually really looking forward to getting a little more wild with the color trend. I’m gonna be looking like something out of the 80’s soon enough!

Cut Crease Look

What’s the one lip-color do you think women should try at least once this Fall?
Cyber or Film Noir by MAC7.    

As an MUA for M.A.C., you have some of THE best makeup tools on hand. For a person looking to invest in a professional set, which brush styles are a MUST?
Well first off let me say, if you’re serious about makeup and actually do it everyday, do not use the $50 dollar holiday set travel size brushes everyday. They’re factory made; our normal line of brushes are handmade (which is why they’re more pricey). But if I had to pick maybe 3 staple brushes to start I’d pick:

  • #130 – I love this brush, I use it to prep the skin with moisturizers/primers, and I also use this brush to apply my liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer. This will buff the product INTO the skin, as opposed to it sitting on top with a traditional brush.
  • #224 – this can be used as an eye brush, to apply OR blend shadows. I use it more as a face brush, I use it to apply concealer and highlight on the face, it gives an airbrushed effect.
  • #129 – you can use this as a powder OR a blush brush, not too big or too small.     

  **And for any extras, I’d pick a #210 as my favorite liner brush, #208 for my favorite eyebrow brush, as well as a spoolie to always brush out my brows before filling them in.**

What products are needed for a quick 5-10-minute face that’s still polished and put together for everyday?
Something quick, light, and everyday? I’d recommend tinted moisturizer, mineral powder, concealer, some mascara, a cream blush, and a lip color of your choice. I guarantee that’ll only take you 10 minutes tops. The cream blushes are very soft, so you look alive, and mascara will open up your eyes so you look more awake. Having the tinted moisturizer, concealer, and mineral powder will have your skin looking flawless.

Love the bronzed smokey eye. Great for day!

What’s the one product you cannot live without and would cry if it ever got discontinued?
 I’d have to say M.A.C.’s Fix+ Spray; I use it all day everyday. I use it before my skin routine to calm my skin down, as well as when I’m done with my makeup to set. I use it throughout the day to refresh my skin too. I absolutely love it, I have a mini version with me at ALL times.

Any insider tip(s), technique(s), or products you can pass on?
My number one tip would be to prime – prime everything. Primers are the key to having your makeup looking fab. Face primers, eye primers, lip primers, lash primers, all of them are so essential. Also, don’t be afraid to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone- it’s only makeup!

As for techniques, the brushes you use make the world of a difference. Products, I’d say, primers, specifically M.A.C.’s new line of primers that came out, go get matched for the one that will work best for you at any counter or store.

Fill in the blank: On days when I feel blah, I put on_________. 
A baseball cap and sweatpants, just like any normal girl lol. BUT. if you want a pick me up, I actually take the time to do my hair and makeup. You’ll feel tons better when you’re cute. Slick your hair back into a chic ponytail, and do that quick 10 minute makeup, you’ll feel brand new!

Day Wedding Look
Girls Night Out Look
eastxWEST duo out and about


Thanks Diti!

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