Cheers! KP Fusion Celebrates 1 Year Today

KP Fusion celebrates one year of blogging today and I just wanted to say thank you to all of my readers! I also want to send a huge hug and kiss to all that I’ve collaborated with. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams!

I launched KP Fusion because I needed an outlet for my thoughts about fashion (you can read the first post here). While I live in a metropolitan city, writing and styling opportunities (within this realm) are few and far between, so I took it upon myself to create something that covers all of the things that I find interesting about fashion and beauty, while also working on my personal writing voice and styling techniques.

It was scary at first (who would read?!) but I’m happy to say that my readership has grown tremendously over the last 12 months, and that some opportunities have come my way because it. Not to get into specifics, but I’m now the Fashion & Beauty Editor of a new digitial publication launching in Memphis named Bella (October), done some creative consulting, co-hosted a fashion networking event (with future ones scheduled as well), I’ve facilitated my own beauty/style shoots for my portfolio (final photo selection done a few days ago  *dances*), and I’ll also be working with a boutique here in the city with merchandising and window displays. I also have some other projects and interviews in the works specifically for the blog, so I’m super excited about it all!

What a Difference a Year Makes

The most important thing that I’ve learned with writing this blog is that many times, you have to create your projects. Whether it’s creating your own publication, planning your own event, styling your own shoots, or contacting a company about an internship/position that they may never have thought to have, sometimes you really have to take matters into your own hands (especially if you reside in a city that isn’t one of the fashion capitals of the world!)

My advice: Don’t get discouraged if you have to start small (everyone does). JUST START. Waiting for other people to see your potential and talent could take longer than expected so, start creating those things that interest you now. From personal experience, I spent a loooooooot of time waiting for other people’s projects to get off the ground only to be frustrated when they scrapped it or made changes without any notice. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t collaborate with anyone but you learn quickly not to make other people’s project a first priority- yours should be.  Once you kickstart your own projects (those things that truly fulfill you and help you reach all of your personal goals), everything else will fall into place and you won’t think twice about things that didn’t work out like you expected them to.

It’s been challenging, but I can see that I’ve made strides in the right direction, so I will continue to push myself to go beyond what I (and others) believe that I can do. I’m focused and have a plan, so I’m excited to see what the next year brings!

Thanks again to everyone that’s come by to read; I hope you continue to do so.

xoxo, Kimmie

*image: Hiccup Glassware

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