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City Style | Cassie Taylor

Meet Cassie Taylor, a singer, songwriter, and bassist player visiting in Memphis, TN. During last month’s Trolley Night on South Main, my friends and I passed Cassie and her friends; I was immediately drawn to her style, so I asked Darius (always with his camera, lol) to snap a quick pic.

Her look was eclectic, but most importantly, it seemed authentic. You can tell when someone is going for a “look”, and when it comes effortlessly. In my eyes, hers was the latter.
Here’s  her city style.
What are you wearing?
Earrings, Sweater, and Bag are vintage | Vest: Buffalo Exchange | Hot Pants: Forever 21 | Boots: Miss Me ( | Earrings: World Market | Watch: Michael Kors
Where do you like to shop?
I was always weary of online shopping, but I bought a pair of boots on Amazon 6 months ago and I was thrilled! I love the vast selection of clothing and shoes that they have. If you’re looking for something specific, like say “yellow leather fringe boots” (which I bought on the site), they are most likely to have it…with FREE shipping. J
Sache Clothing
“Comfort” in the fashion industry is like a four letter word. Whenever  hear that word, I think of grandmas in muumuus and orthopedic loafers. But, Sache is doing an amazing job at brining fashion to comfort. I spend a lot of time traveling, so  need fashion forward comfort. I am currently a Memphis international rep wearing their “Rock and Roll” tank.
What could be better than rescuing a piece of clothing from the landfill AND doing good at the same time?! I love hunting for vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces like the mod white sweater I’m wearing (in the pic). Whether it’s a Missoni dress or a vintage handbag for my collection, I always feel like I am getting a great deal, and benefiting a great cause.
What does style mean to you? There are no rules, as far as style goes. If you believe it’s cool, others will follow suite, that’s how  trends are made, Confidence n what you’re wearing is key. Trust me, I have days where I put on an outfit and leave house and immediately regret what I’m wearing. I will change 4/5 times throughout the day before I ‘m satisfied with my choice. Other days, I’ll find an out that I feel is really strong and I’ll be guilty of avoid going to the same places so that I can wear it two days in a row.
Wear what you want, and if you get any shit for it, just strut on by the haters and smile – because they didn’t have the confidence to rock what you got on!
Visit to learn more about her.
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