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Alexandra Satine is an up and coming designer to watch. Hailing from Valencia, Venezuela and with a vast knowledge of design (she worked in the dress division of Jones Apparel Group for 5 years and attended both The American Academy of Art and La Sorbonne), both her artistic background and rich culture are evident in her designs.

Launched in 2009, her eponymous line is the perfect collection for active women who need function but still desire style. A contemporary collection of convertible handbags, the luxe texture in warm colors (the park green, cocoa, and mustard colors are my faves) are ideal for the season.

Here’s the Fall 2011 collection and an interview with the gracious designer.

7th Ave


Lexington Ave

How did you begin your career in design?

I originally went to school for graphic design. Halfway through college I had an opportunity to do an internship at Kenneth Cole and while working there, I had an amazing mentor who I have to say had a big influence in changing my path into the fashion world.

What inspired you to create a collection of handbags that were convertible?

What inspired me was my lifestyle. One moment I was going to work and next thing you know, I had to attend some evening function, so I needed a bag that, like my outfit, could go from day into night.

I thought, with how hectic women’s lives are currently, this would be a great concept – my bags would be perfect for the woman Sarah Jessica Parker plays in “I Don’t Know How She Does It”.

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

My favorite part is looking or running into what will inspire me to do my new convertible bags. People always ask me how do I come up with these mechanisms and it always just seems to happen when I least expect it.

What are some of your favorite textiles to work with?

Right now, I am into thick wools things with tons of texture and dimension.

What was your inspiration behind the Fall 2011 Collection (color palette, textures, designs, etc?)

I was looking at a lot of geometric shapes and I wanted great bags that could be worn during the day and into a holiday party. I still really liked a matte finish on the leather (so that the shape would be what stood out). As far as color goes, I knew from the get go I wanted to use green. I thought it was that perfect color to add a pop to any outfit.


Love My Bag 5 in 1
Rio Limon Avenue


Any advice for aspiring designers?

Yes! Don’t be afraid to ask or reach out to other designers. You can always learn from them or from their mistakes. Also, really do as much research as you can ahead of time because there is so much more to creating a brand than just the design aspect.

Describe the woman that carries an Alexandra Satine handbag.
The Alexandra Satine customer is a woman who is a dedicated mom or a career woman (or both), and needs the perfect accessory to go with her hectic lifestyle. She needs a handbag that can go from her daily routine to maybe a special last minute date!

Which bag from the collection is your personal favorite?
Rue Rivoli is my favorite for Fall! I love the lady-like aspect but I love that I can make it more casual by turning it into a cross body with the webbing, or wear the clutch for the evening. Just love it!

What Fall trends are you looking forward to trying?
I love to look at trends and see how other put them together but during the Winter, I just love to wear black and keep it basic. The one trend I am looking forward to wearing is one of my bags in green! Green is so in right now and I think it is great for adding a little color to the hard cold winter days.

What’s something you’d like readers to know about you?
What I would like the readers to know about me it that it is an honor for me when someone buys my bags. It really makes my day!

Alexandra Satine Handbags have been featured in Audrey Magazine, Instyle, OK, Los Angeles Magazine, and on numerous blogs. Visit to learn more about the designer and how to shop the collection.

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