Daydream Believer | Suzie Bird’s Navy Cat Eye

So, two things:

1.) lately I’ve been obsessed with a heavily lined eye the last couple of weeks. Not Amy Winehouse liner (rest her soul), but a very retro, 60s inspired cat eye.

2.) I’ve fallen in love with navy eyeliner for Fall.

I don’t know about you, but when the weather cools, I like to wear my makeup a little heavier. I don’t want a caked up face (so 80s, kinda gross), but I do go for a more polished, made up look. Either I do a smokey eye in warmer colors, OR I go with a bold lip and very clean eye, but recently I started  playing around with the cat eye and now I’m totally obsessed with the look. The thicker the line,  the better!

Nicole Richie sports a modern interpretation of this vintage look regularly, but as I said, I’m now obsessed with navy eyeliner, so this editorial from Harper’s Bazaar UK’s October issue featuring model Suzie Bird executes the look perfectly.

It’s edgy but still perfect for every day.

Navy eyeliner still gives you the drama that you’d achieve with black, but it’s not as harsh so it’s really flattering on all skin tones. I have small eyes, so I have to be careful with using black (they disappear and/or I wind up looking like a raccoon if I have on too much), but with navy, it gives more definition AND really brings out the color.

Usually I keep the line thin, but I’ve been going for a heavier line that covers the lid so I don’t have to deal with eyeshadow. I apply a flesh tone to my lid and crease to keep the look clean, but this can be achieved with concealer so either way works.

To go completely mod, pair with a pale lip, but as you see in the editorial, she has a reddish/coral stain on her lips (keep it matte!) and it’s not too much. 

If your hand is shaky or you just don’t want to deal with liquid liner, use a gel liner instead. It gives you the same intensity, but because it’s being applied with a brush, you have more control. I like Maybelline New York Lasting Drama 24hr Gel Eyeliner in Sapphire, ($7.94), but Smashbox, M.A.C., and Bobby Brown all make great versions as well.  

What do you think of the look? Is it something you’d try?

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5 Replies to “Daydream Believer | Suzie Bird’s Navy Cat Eye”

  1. Wonderful post! I love eyeliner but have only wore black and brown. I believe I will try Navy from your suggestion. Also, I love the pics, the orange caped jacket is so chic and fashionable for Fall.

    Feel free to checkout our budding style blog @

    Nevertheless, you have a new subscriber. All the best!!


  2. Im in love with navy eye liner as well! Im super bad with liquid liner…it sucks for me…i keep stabbing my face! LOL!
    I love MAC. I need it! hahaha!
    Great post, amazing blog!

  3. @Moyabean thank you! I’m getting better with the liquid. I’ve found that if it has a felt tip, I do much MUCH better. Pencil is always easier but it smudges SO much so I’m switching over. I think gel is it for me!

    @Tamara I was surprised I liked the navy as much as I did-I’m experimenting more with colors so I’m now I’m on the hunt for purple and green. I loved the editorial as well. There were more images I didn’t post but I’m such a fan of that vintage look. Notsure if I can pull it off but I like to look at it.

    I’ll definitely check you guys out!

  4. I have brown eyes and love the way navy looks with them. I’ve found that if I use a pencil, I can set it in place by using an angled brush and shadow brushed over top of it. If you want the shadow to have more saturated color, wet the brush, shake off any excess and then dip the brush in the shadow. You can use the same colored shadow as your liner or a different color which gets very cool gradient affects from the liner up onto the rest of the bottom portion of the lid.

Thank you for reading-your comments are appreciated!