Beauty Resolutions for 2012

Happy New Year!!

2012 is finally here and for most people, that means out with the old, in with the new! Many make resolutions (new diet, stop a bad habit, etc.) but they hardly ever keep them because, well, it’s hard lol!

Not to fret though: here are some beauty resolutions that should be easy for anyone to keep.

In 2012…

In a Clarisonic. If you don’t do ANYTHING else this year, please get a Clarisonic. It seriously changes your cleansing routine. As part of the Vogue Influencer Network, I received one to try a few months ago and whenever I wash my face without it, I can tell the difference.

With your skin. In addition to getting the Clarisonic, invest in products that really WORK. That doesn’t meant that you have to break the bank-I know someone that uses St. Ive’s Green Tea Scrub (which is like, $5) and her skin is perfect. Having clear skin minimizes the products that you have to use. As someone who is recovering from a bad reaction to a cleanser, I cannot tell you how much I hated HAVING (not the same as choosing) to wear foundation & concealer everyday to cover imperfections. I will not name the cleanser that broke me out, but thankfully I found products that work, and, combined with the Clarisonic, my skin is almost back to where it used to be.  Talk to a dermatologist, test a few out (it normally takes 30 days to see a difference), whatever. Just be clear!

Same girl, different cut.

No more boring hair. Find the haircut that works for you. Look at celebrities that have a similar face shape and consult with your hairstylist to see if you can pull it off. You’d be surprised at the difference a great cut can make.

Get your brows in order. Pluck them, grow them out, fill them in, do whatever you need to do but get them in order. Perfect brows fame your face and equal less makeup.  

Manis and pedis-make it your business to keep your tootsies cute! Sandal season is around the corner so don’t let it sneak up on you! If it’s not in your budget to go and get them done, invest in a kit ($10 should get you everything you need to do the basics) and tons of polish and go crazy!

When you apply your makeup, please remember that there is makeup for the following: day, night, photo, video, event, work. Unless you’re a reality star and a camera crew is following you, tone down on the shadow and ease up on the foundation. You can still do a full face for day but makeup that you would wear to the club probably won’t work for your meeting or to shift at Walgreen’s. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube to view, and you can talk to MUAs on staff at Sephora and in department stores if you’re unsure of where to start.

Try something new. A bright red lip, sparkly shadow, neon nails. Being a girl is FUN so test out new products from time to time. Experimenting every few months may help you discover a new essential for your beauty bag and keep you out of a rut.

You a fabulous. Own it every day!

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