Video | Stacy London Talks With MediaBistro About Working In Fashion

TLC’s What Not To Wear Co-Host Stacy London talks with MediaBistro about how to work in fashion, the importance of internships, and how getting fired actually helped her career for the better.

If you’ve never watched What Not To Wear or don’t know London’s background, I’d advise you to familiarize yourself immediately. London is definitely one to study if you’re interested in working as a fashion consultant/stylist, editor, personality, etc. She’s always worked in the realm of fashion but has worn maaaany different hats. She’s never limited herself to one area; she has a vast knowledge base, a personable approach, and is talented in what she does.  Sure she’s had celebrity clients but her brand has been built around helping the everyday woman figure out her personal style, not walking the red carpet. Her career (for me at least), is proof positive that working with celebrities is not the only way to measure your level of success in this industry. It’s merely a highlight!

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