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Beauty Buy | Maybelline Baby Lips

For everyday lip treatments, I’m a gloss kind of girl. I’ve played around with lipstick the last few months, but I always keep gloss in my bag because when you’re on the go as much as I am, it’s easier to reapply without a mirror. I’ve never been into lip balms, though. Don’t get me wrong, I tried – I have a drawer full of Burt’s Bee’s, Chapstick, Wet & Wild, Shimmer, etc. to prove it – but I either lose the tube, or the “slight tint” that it’s suppose to leave looks like I’ve had one too many popsicles. No bueno!

Well last week, things changed.

During my usual jaunt to Target, I decided to grab Maybelline’s Baby Lips to see what all of the hype was about.

The packaging reminded me of the Lip Smackers balm that I used to get as a kid, just not as big. Touted as having firming and 24-hour moisture lock capabilities with an SPF of 20, I figured that if I could keep actually keep up with the tube, at the very least I could layer it under my lipstick to keep my pucker kissable.

The Verdict
Can I just say that I LOVE these?! I selected the Cherry Me Baby Flavor and in addition to my lips feeling ah-mazing when I applied it, it has a slight hint of color that’s perfection- it enhances you natural lipcolor without it being too bright. It’s great for everyday AND those days when you wear a heavier eye but you don’t want your lips to compete.  Since I purchased it, it’s been the only thing I’ve worn. I’ll definitely be getting the rest.

Shopping Tip: While it’s relatively inexpensive anyway, if you’re really on a budget and every penny counts, purchase it from Target. It retails there for $2.99 (everywhere else is $3.99).

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