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Fashion Life | Assisting A Stylist (Behind The Scenes)

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of assisting Andrea Fenise, stylist and owner of Style Junkie Boutique, on a style segment (Super Bowl party looks) that she had booked for Fox 13. I’ve worked with Andrea before (I was one of the MUAs for her first Style Junkie commercial), but this was my first time assisting in this capacity. 

Many times people only think about the finished  product when looking at television segments, editorials, etc. but SO much work goes into it. For a brief 4-7 minute segment, prep starts waaay before you start shooting. Here’s a day in the life:

7:00 am Call time*
Andrea had completed all of her pulls a few days before, so there was no running around looking for final pieces to choose from. Some of the models (Elan Creative Services), an MUA (Meosha Will), and I met at Andrea’s studio. Andrea went over the looks with me, and we finalized accessory choices for each girl, and I picked Meosha’s brain about her product choices, and got a few extra tips as well. Two of the models had their makeup done by Meosha while the other two were done by Stephanie Ellis (ECS); they joined us later.

The segment was scheduled between 9:30 am – 9:40 am so this gave us enough time to do wardrobe, hair, and makeup. She used 7 models total (4 girls, 3 guys) but the guys were lucky – they were scheduled to meet us at the news station.

PRE-PREP. IS. EVERYTHING. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your pulls. Make sure you have the model(s) full measurements before you go out (steamed and tagged the night before the shoot), and know what looks you want them to have with hair/beauty. This saves you a LOT of time the day of, and helps things go smoothly.

*While our call time was 7:00 a.m., Andrea’s day began much earlier than that.

8: 30 am Countdown
We needed to leave by 9:00 am, so the last 30 minutes were spent finishing hair, putting on accessories, double checking the styling kit to make sure we had everything we needed for the road, and loading everything up.

Andrea & Meosha

9:15 am Arrival
Once we arrived at the studio, the male models got dressed, Andrea went over her notes, and final changes to hair and makeup were made.


9:40 am We’re live!
During this time, I waited in the wings with the model agency owners, filming and taking photos to document her hard work.

9:50 am That’s a wrap!
Models changed back into their street clothes, and we backed everything up to take back to her studio. Once there, we “restyled” the looks to ensure that we had each piece, double checked her receipts, and repacked things to be returned. I snapped a quick pic of Andrea, the owner of Sugar Plum Consignments, and Lauren, one of the anchors before we left.

12:00 pm
After a few returns, hunger pains hit so we grabbed a quick lunch and parted ways for the day.

This was such a fun learning experience for me, so thank you for the opportunity Andrea!

Click here to visit Andrea’s blog and to see more BTS photos and video we shot ( I had fun playing around with her flip- it might be time to get one for myself, lol).

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