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Behind the Blog

Behind The Blog | Sinéad B. of Film, Fashion & Pop Culture

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In this series, KP Fusion talks with fellow fashion bloggers to find out what inspires them, what’s in their makeup bag, some of their favorite trends, and that one wardrobe staple that they can’t live without.

Read along to discover something new about your blogger’s favorite bloggers!

Name: Sinéad Burke
Homebase: Dublin, Ireland
Blog: Film, Fashion & Pop Culture
Month/Year Blog Launched: My first post was published in February 2011. This was a core element of a college assignment but my first intentional blog post was online in May 2011.

How did you get into blogging?
I am an elementary / primary school teacher by trade. As part of our tuition to prepare us for the classroom, one of our assignments was to create a blog on the topic of our choice. I have always had huge interests in all things fashion and popular culture, thus, the subject choice was effortless.

What has been the best thing about it? Hardest?
The best thing about creating ‘Film, Fashion & Popular Culture’ is the constant inspiration it provides me with. Each time I am motivated to write an article/post, I undergo research about the model/brand/magazine the piece is about. This always earns me a nugget of information, which was previously unknown to me.

The hardest thing is deciding between the material I wish to report on. Since the beginning I made a commitment to only write features on items that truly fascinated or inspired me, thus, giving the reader an insight into my personal interests and icons. Often, it is difficult to not write a post merely for the sake of updating my blog, but so far I have managed to stay true to myself and post only about the news items which interest me most.

What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?
When I am not working on my blog, I can be found in a variety of environments. In the classroom you will find me attempting to inspire and instill a love for learning in the minds of some of Dublin’s most interesting children. On the streets of Dublin you could find me perusing and admiring the individual style of many of Dublin’s most creative and often eccentric inhabitants (This is one of my favorite hobbies!)

Finally, you could also find me preparing for my weekly radio show with Inside Education – researching guests and learning the ropes within the broadcasting domain!

Dream Job?
My biggest aspiration would be to work on a fashion television programme (in either a production or broadcasting role) that gives the cast an opportunity to view and analyze the fashions which parade down the globe’s catwalks and streets. It would be an added bonus if this position offered me the opportunity to meet and interview designers and those responsible for fashion’s influence i.e. editors, stylists etc. (one can dream!)

Describe your look in five words.
Classic, feminine, retro-inspired, timeless, tailored/fit!

Who/what influences your style?
My style is significantly influenced by the trends of the past; I have a particular love for the history of fashion and style. Although it’s not always wearable, La Belle Époque remains one of my favorite fashionable decades. Other influences are derived from people/street watching – examining how other individuals pair pieces and accessorize their favorite ensembles.

I also love browsing through the aisles of Dublin’s high street and designer stores, examining how the shop’s mannequins have been styled – this often prompts ideas and reminds me of clothes and accessories I have stored away.

In relation to style icons, my eyes widen with interest when I hear of Nicole Richie, Olivia Palermo, Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham and Felicity Jones latest style escapades. None of these women are afraid to challenge the fashionable boundaries and continue to empress me with their appreciation for fashion and promotion of confidence and femininity.

Who are some of your favourite designers?
My favourite designers would have to be Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Sinéad Doyle, Stephanie Grace Foy, Balmain, Prada, Alexander Wang, Mary Katrantzou, Emilio Pucci, Simone Rocha, Umit Kutluk, Mulberry, Jason Wu, Zac Posen and The Row.

What’s one item in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?
It would be impossible to live without my collection of scarves. I have a particular fondness for silk scarves; I love to style them with a casual outfit, perhaps a simple sting top, a blazer and jeans. They add glamour and luxury to every ensemble.

In Winter, I transition to cashmere, pashmina, or chiffon materials to add further warmth. For me, the designing leaders in this field are Alexander McQueen and Hermès but I equally adore traipsing through the aisles of my local high street store to find something quirky and totally me!

What’s a classic item that every woman should own?
Every woman should own a scent that makes her feel confident, beautiful, and alluring!

Fashion on Film: Which movies inspire you?
My choices are quite predictable but who can forget Hepburn’s Givenchy little black dress in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the montage of Anne Hathaway’s stylish choices in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ always leaves me green with envy! I’m a huge fan of period dramas and films such as ‘Marie Antoinette’, ‘Pride & Prejudice’, ‘The Duchess’ and ‘The Young Victoria’ contain some of the wardrobes I envy most.

Words of (style) wisdom:
Sometimes what we love most on the catwalk or on the high street is not always the best fit for our body shape. When choosing an outfit, pick pieces that compliment and flatter your natural shape; it will make you feel more confident!

‘Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.’ – Coco Chanel

The most important question of all: cookies, cupcakes, or ice cream?
Hmmm, that’s a difficult question – I might just have to cheat a little bit. My absolute favorite treat would have to be Ben & Jerry’s ‘Cookie Dough’ ice cream. It’s so decadent and I am ashamed to say that I have tried to finish off a tub of it once or twice!

Thanks Sinéad!

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