50 First Dates: What To Wear

March is just around the corner, signaling the beginning of two much anticipated seasons: Spring, and *drumroll* dating season!

For those not in the know, the two weeks prior to Thanksgiving until Valentine’s day are almost a no fly zone for singles. During that time, dating prospects are pretty much in the negative for fear that gifts, family gatherings, or (gasp!) titles might be expected. Now that Valentine’s day has passed, however, it’s safe to venture out onto the dating scene again and look forward to those fun first dates!


One of the easiest first dates to prepare for is dinner. The restaurant that you select and what you wear help give your date a little insight into who you are. Food and clothing are connected in many ways, and what you wear depends on the location (and vice versa) so be sure to choose looks that really show off your personal style. Whether you go for classics, have an indie-boho flare, favor a little edge or go all out glam with your clothes, I’ve created a few outfit ideas to help you get you started.
Wendy Marie, the fashionable foodie behind the popular blog offers Memphians a few of her choice hotspots to visit. When it comes to dining out around the city, Wendy is an expert in good eats. Bonus: all of her options are tailored to fit each look, so take a deep breath, pick out an outfit, and let the dating fun begin!

Good eats + chic looks = a fantabulous first date!
Glam It Out
“Too much is never enough when you’re living a life of luxury. Indulge this lady’s taste for the best at fine dining establishments like Chez Philippe, Acre, or Currents.” ~ Wendy
Hipster Gal
“Independent thinkers who are all about creativity, free thinking, and rejection of the mainstream, hipsters follow the beat of their own drum and value authenticity. The hipster will like the indie atmosphere of places like Young Ave Deli, Republic, & 3 Angels Diner.” ~Wendy
Clean Lines
“Timeless fashion transcends any passing trends. Think clean and sleek. A classically dressed girl will appreciate a restaurant that presents traditional American cuisine made with fresh ingredients and elegantly executed. Hot Spots: Folk’s Folly, Just for Lunch, & Elegant Farmer. ” ~Wendy
The Edge
“These fashionistas exude confidence allowing their unique tastes to dictate their style. They’ll take trends to the next level by mixing them with unexpected elements creating a fashion fusion. Hot Spots:The edgy chic will find inspiration in the eclectic mix of people and food at Mollie Fontaine, Beauty Shop, or Blue Fin.”~Wendy

Visit to check out more of Wendy’s expert tips and reviews, and be sure to check out our interviews with each other as well!

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