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Cassie Taylor | Daughter of a Bluesman

Cassie Taylor is a NeoBlues singer that I met last year while hanging out on S. Main during Trolley Night here in the city (see her City Style Post here). Before she headed to Europe to promote her debut album Blue (she has a sweet yet smoky voice; perfect CD to listen to on a rainy day while sipping tea and reading a book) , she came into town for the International Blues Challenge, and we got together her last day in the city to talk a little more about her work as an artist, her involvement with the Foundation over the challenge, and of course, shopping and fashion.

I like Cassie’s eclectic style (it goes against what you would typically expect from a blues singer), so my wonderful friend (and equally wonderful photographer) Akeara Williams came along to flex her artistic muscles and capture Cassie using the city as our backdrop. Sunday Funday indeed!

You were in town for the International Blues Challenge. For those not familiar, can you give a little background on it and how you got involved?
I am on the Board of Directors for the Blues foundation which host the IBC every year. This is my second term with the foundation and I am really involved with the youth showcase division of the IBC’s so every year I come down to help out.

Tell us a little about your album Blue.
It’s 10 original songs that I wrote from 2009-2010. It’s blues based but has a lot of pop and rock production in it.

As a NeoBlues artist, how does fashion play a part in your shows, videos, branding, etc.?
I love fashion, but the blues world isn’t very into it. I use it to help younger people identify with me/the music.

Is your look all “you”, or do you ever work with a stylist?
My godmother is a stylist in NYC and she has given me a lot of pointers over the years. I was also a stylist when I lived in Memphis and still freelance so it’s very much my own.


Where do you get style inspiration from?
Vintage, vintage, vintage. One of my hobbies when I’m not on the road is thrifting. I love the hunt and finding quirky original pieces I won’t see any where else.

You’re from Colorado. What’s the fashion scene like there? Cool places to shop?
Boulder Colorado, where I was born and live now, was rated worst dressed city by GQ magazine in 2011. However, there are a few cool places to shop; “Goldmine Vintage” is owned by a friend of mine and I am always in there! For the most part, though, people are too busy hiking or rock climbing.

During our shoot, you mentioned going thrifting. What do you look for when go out? What has been your favorite find thus far?
I look for eye catching pieces, texture, and color. My theory is everything can look cool if you style it well. One of my favorite things to date is a vintage Corvette muscle tank, I wear it 2 times a week. Also, a good thing to look for is tears that are not on a seam and stains. I have purchased such cool things only to find a huge flaw I can’t cover up. Thrifting is cheep, but it’s only worth it if you can wear it.

Is there anyone who’s personal style you admire?
I love Gwen Steffani; she’s so good at edging up vintage glamour.

When you aren’t working, what do you do to unwind?
Thrift, cook, and have tea parties with my girlfriends. I’m big in to entertaining, so my friends and I started a monthly tea club which meets at my house. We wear vintage dresses and make delicious cakes and cookies. It’s a great time for me to be a girly girl, which doesn’t happen much when I’m busy and on the road.

Do you have any fun projects/tours coming up?
I’m working on my second album which will be more roots/american, and my boyfriend and I are releasing a mens line of clothing called Moorhead Apparel.

Click here to visit Cassie’s website, and click here to learn more about her recently launched Kickstarter fundraiser.

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