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Last Sunday I moved into a new apartment and now that I’ve gotten about 85% of everything unpacked, I’m on the hunt for redecorating ideas. I’ve always gravitated towards neutrals and natural accents (my couch is oatmeal with light wood paneling; I have wooden tables, bronze wall accents, and my coffee table is glass and marble), but I’d like to add more color this time around.

I have tons of pictures and books (I seriously need a bigger bookshelf because the collection is continuously growing) so my biggest challenge now is finding a way to display things in a stylish manner while still having a home that’s open for entertaining guests and relaxing. I’m not going to paint the walls (I’m too fickle for that type of commitment) but I am looking for fab window treatments, shelving, paintings, etc. I also now have an extra room that I’m going to make into an office/wardrobe room for styling projects so it needs to be organized and efficient but also a space that feeds creativity. Decorating your home is a lot like dressing your body: you want your personal style to be reflected throughout!

This weekend I read Marie Bariller’s Dressing The Home: The Private Spaces of Top Fashion Designers, which gave me TONS of ideas (Catherine Malandrino’s apt was so chic!) and last night I perused‘s bedroom, living room, and working room categories for inspiration as well. There were sooo many photos to view and I pulled some ideas from each one. These were some of my faves:

All photos:

The next few weekends will be spent on decorating/home improvement so if you have any sites/books/magazines to recommend, comment below. I also like DIY project ideas!

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