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Last Friday I made my way down to South Main for the monthly Trolley Night event (the last Friday of every month), trusty camera in hand, hoping I’d come across some cool street style that I’d be able to share with guys. Now that it’s warmer outside, more and more people are venturing out so you never know what you might see. 

While I wasn’t able to catch much street style (a girl that I saw was just too far away and I would’ve looked creepy chasing after her yelling “Lemmie take your picture!”), I did come across two vendors who’s products I liked. 

First was Sophara Srey. The name of her company is Khrama Khrama, and they were set up near an acquaintance’s apt/photography studio. Her and her cousin were selling handmade scarves and saris. Beautiful textiles, some of the fabrics used came from Cambodia, and the pieces were only $10-$30. 

Sophara, wearing one of her saris

I wanted to buy everything but alas, I’m on the best/worst budget ever so I didn’t get anything *cries*
They are currently working on their website and online store, but if you would like to contact her to make a purchase, click here. 

The cool thing about Trolley Night is that you will cross paths with so many different people, both in culture, music, and style. 

I passed by this guy in a super fly seersucker suit. Love the red bow-tie!

I stopped to listen to these fellas play a little bluegrass.

It reminded me of the BBQs I use to go to with a neighbor and her nieces that came down from Kentucky each summer when I was young.

This girl played a little contemporary rock. 

2 things: 
~how amazing is her guitar?? (Mint? Seriously, I want it just to have it. Can’t play a lick but it would be boss for photos).
~Cowboy boots and florals: always, always, in style.

Finally, I came across Craig Lee, a former sheet metal worker who designs and handmakes beautiful copper jewelry. He started making them last year as a hobby and is slowly working towards designing full time. His pieces range from $25-$50, and he also does custom pieces as well. 


Earrings are designed by his friend, Tara Frite

The cool thing about designing with natural elements is that no two pieces are ever alike. Craig is working on his website and online store as well, but you can catch him around town with a booth at different festivals and farmers markets. or you can contact him via email at craig.waycaster[at] 

I had a great time last week and I can’t for this month’s edition!

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