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Beauty Buy | Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

Every day styling wreaks havoc on your hair: brushing, flat ironing, curling, hair spray, etc. Throw color and chemicals (perms/relaxers) into the mix, plus add the Summer heat, and you’re looking at a disaster: dry hair that can’t get enough moisture, brittle ends, just the PITS. 

The easiest way to help your hair during these times is with deep conditioning treatments and hair masks. They help rejuvenate damaged hair to their glory. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack is AMAZING. It’s an intensive weekly treatment infused with pure coconut milk, coconut oil, and vitamin E for dry, damaged hair.  The pack is designed for 2-3 applications (2.1 oz) but I used it in its entirety because I have really thick hair. The treatment is so rich and lush and coats hair nicely.

I put highlights in my hair a little over 2 weeks ago AND it’s been 5 months since my last relaxer (I can’t decide if I want it to grow out or not) so my biggest concern has been finding products that moisturize without weighing it down. This definitely did the trick. After shampooing, you leave it on for 15-20 min*, rinse, and then style as usual.

After I used this, I could not stop sniffing my hair (fresh coconuts!) and my hair felt great. I don’t use a lot of products in my hair (a leave-in conditioner and some moroccan argan oil) so I was able to see a difference once I finished styling. It has tons of body, has less frizz, and is super soft.

The best thing about this? Prices vary at stores, but I picked mine up at Target for less than $1.50! I’ve tried higher end brands and they didn’t do as well of a job as this. Women who are natural or have coarse, dry hair will especially like this protein treatment. Summer staple, hello!

*you can sit under a dryer if you want; I just wet my hair a little, put on a shower cap and cleaned around the house.

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