Video | Victoria Beckham Talks Globalization of Clothing Line

In this video, fashion designer – and my favorite Spice Girl – Victoria Beckham speaks with CNN Talk Asia about the globalization of her brand.

Launched in 2008, Beckham’s eponyous clothing line has been embraced by editors, starlets, and “real women” around the world, and is now venturing into shoes and more accessories.

If she wanted, she could have simultaneously opened stand alone stores around the world upon her launch (she certainly has the financial means to do so) but I love the fact that she’s taking her time with her expansion. Learning the business, researching the best market for her stores to open in,etc. She’s moving at a deliberate, steady pace and IMO, her business will continue to thrive because of it.

My takeaway from this viewing is to plan and take your time with your business, no matter the size. Sure you still want to work while your buzz is high and your company is seeing substantial growth, but don’t make hasty moves and try to capatalize on every single thing at once. Over-saturation can be deadly; slow and steady typically wins the race.

Photo: NY Times

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