Lola Cruz Half Moon Heeled Sandals

What We’re Loving | Flat Sandals

When you work in retail, the majority of your shifts are spent standing up/running around the store providing giving customer service (while looking fly in the process). I don’t know about you, but as a current shopgirl, high heels are NOT my chosen form of footwear. In the cooler months, I gravitate towards low-heeled/wedge/flat boots and in the summer I hunt down wedges that pretty much go with everything. If it’s cute AND comfy, I will get it multiple colors. Sue me. 

Sometimes though, I just DON’T want to wear heels! Flip flops are not an option at most establishments, but clacking around in 3 inch heels on wood and concrete is not ideal on days when you feel blah. The easiest alternative are flat t-strap/ankle strap sandals. They’re stylish while still being comfortable, and work well with both dresses and pants. Plus, many designers add a small 1/2 – 1 inch heel to give you a little cushion when they’re worn for extended periods.  

I’ve wrangled up some flat sandals at various price points that are still apropos for work, but totally give your tooties a break.

What’s your go to shoe for work?

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