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One of Memphis’ inconspicuous dining gems is the BP at the corner of Ridgeway and Poplar. Besides selling your typical convenience store staples, this gas station also serves up fresh sushi. Yep, you can satisfy your craving for favorite roll, calamari, and edamame while also filling up your tank-how convenient is that!

When I remind people that they can pick up a few rolls from this BP, they tend to give me a look of pure incredulity. True, it is sushi. . . at a gas station… which may be a little hard to conceive, but I promise you if you try it you’ll love it! The rolls are made fresh by an in-store sushi chef, and they are every bit as yummy as the ones you get from anywhere else just more convenient and less expensive. You gotta love that! On this occasion I had three rolls – Crawfish, J.J.’s Philadelphia, and Crispy Tempura Shrimp.

My favorite of the three was the Crawfish Roll; a little spice nicely balanced by the cucumber. I’m not exactly sure why I got the Philly roll since they’re typically not a go-to choice for me, but it had a great light, fresh, and clean taste. Plus who doesn’t love cream cheese?! The Crispy Tempura Shrimp roll was exactly that – crispy, crunchy shrimp. Yum! And at six bucks a pop you can’t beat that!

You cannot escape getting gas, so why not stop at this BP, fill up your tank, and grab a couple rolls! Not a fan of sushi? This BP also sells homemade butter cookies.

BP Gas Station
Corner of Ridgeway and Poplar

Memphis, TN 38119

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