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Beauty Buy | N.Y.C. Cosmetics Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer

I will be the first to admit to you that I am a drugstore beauty junkie. Few things make me happier than perusing the beauty aisles at Target, CVS, Walgreens,& Ulta (note: there’s a slight markup with drugstore brands at Ulta BUT they usually carry the products/colors that are hard to find or only available online so it evens out). Even Beauty Supply Stores. Seriously, I can spend hours holding up products, comparing packaging, and testing colors (when I can). In a perfect world I’d wear higher end all the time, but in reality, before I spend money on Chanel, Urban Decay, Nars & Bobbi Brown (I own products from all lines) I like to test out colors and formulas to get a general sense of what will work on me and then I’ll make the upgrade if needed.

I say of that to say: I’ve tried a LOT of products. And I’ve learned that higher end doesn’t always mean higher quality. There are a few gems sprinkled about in them there aisles, and a few weeks ago I found one.

N.Y.C. Cosmetics Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer has been in my makeup bag lately and I really like it. I can’t find my Smashbox Primer but didn’t want to spend a ton on new product (it’s mixed up in my makeup case some where) so I picked this up and was pleasantly surprised.

It’s hydrating yet extremely lightweight, and because it has tiny light reflecting particles in it, it makes skin appear a little brighter once it’s soaked in. The formula isn’t mattifying, however, whether I wear it under powder or liquid foundation, my T-zone shine is kept to a minimum. Whenever I wear foundation alone, I’m usually patting my face down after about 4 hours but I hadn’t had to do it with this. Coolest thing? It’s only $4!

TIP: Have a light hand when applying this primer. It’s thin (basically like a facial moisturizer) and because of the light reflecting particles, you can run the risk of looking like a disco ball if you put on too much. All it takes is a pea-sized amount, and you can apply it with your hand or a foundation brush. Also, wait 3-5 minutes before you apply your foundation/power. You have to let primer set in order for it to work correctly. No rush!


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