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Fashion Life | BTS Photos From MULYP Fashion Show

This past June I had the opportunity to work behind the scenes at MULYP’s Fashion Show, held at the Jack Robinson Art Gallery.

As I grow in styling, anytime an opportunity comes up were I can help out, whether it’s steaming clothes, touching up makeup, or unpacking garments, I’m there. Memphis is NOT a fashion capital, but there is potential to learn and grow on a smaller scale so I say, if you’re in a town where the industry isn’t large but you are interested in pursuing a career within it, seek it out and soak it in!

Anyhoo, I also had my trusty Canon with me so I snapped a few BTS shots as well.

Model Behavior…

 Model Sierra Marshall Lewis. So gorgeous with a wonderful personality. She also did her own makeup!

MUA Dominique Chaney

Baubles on baubles on baubles…

Otis London prepping garments for his segment

Fox 13’s Lauren Johnson was the MC for the night

It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. 🙂


I snapped a few more, which you can see here on KP Fusion’s Facebook Page (be sure to like!)

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