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Video | Lisa Eldridge x Vogue China: 6 Make-Up Trends for Fall

In this video with Vogue China for their September Issue, MUA Lisa Eldridge gives us her interpretation of 6 key makeup trends for Fall.

Model – Ming Xi – Elite Model Management
Beauty Director – Kathy Phillips
Photographer – Liz Collins at D&V Management
Stylist – Jonathan Kaye
Hair – Christian Eberhard
Nails – Mike Pocock at Streeters

See any trends you want to try?

Lisa Eldridge is one of my all-time favorite MUAs. I can literally sit and watch her tutorials for hours;  when she creates her looks,  they’re done for every day “real world” adaptation, so you can test out all of the different trends without being over the top.

I’ve noticed that quite a few MUAs may know how to create a super glam look (think Kardashian), but… that’s it. They don’t differentiate between editorial and day-to-day wear. I learned at a very young age that your technique and application should change based on the event: day, night, photoshoot, television, etc. Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to beauty, but realistically, there’s no reason to have on 5 layers of foundation every single day and you’re not being filmed. Your skin can’t breathe when you do that. Always, always, always experiment but please, take the time to learn different techniques.  There are so many fun looks to try outside of glam. Don’t limit yourself!

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