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KP Fusion Celebrations 2 Years Today

KP Fusion reached 2 years today and I just wanted to say thanks for reading guys! It’s been a long road, with a few breaks here and there but I love my blog and the direction I’m going in.



Blogging about Style & Fashion can be difficult when you’re not based in NY, LA, or even Chicago. The resources are just not the same. However, I learned over the last year that there’s no point in complaining; there are still creative ways to have an interesting blog and you have to be open to step outside of the box and actually CREATE your own opportunities.

Over the last year I’ve been blessed to get some press for the blog, which is great *dances* but more than that, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few photographers on shoots, style for a fashion show for the first time, host a few blogger events ( I want to do more bc they were fun), done more consulting and writing, and FINALLY start building up my own studio. Because I won’t always have access to a photographer or MUA, I decided to take matters into my own hands – the photos may not be the best (I’m still learning about cameras and editing) but I’m not allowing anything to stop me from creating.

Don’t allow your environment to limit you. 



If you’re not lucky enough to be in a large city and aren’t sure what to do, here is my advice to you:

  • You want to work on a photoshoot? Contact local stylists and ask to assist, OR, reach out to local photographers & MUAs that are also working on their portfolio and ask to collaborate. Find out if smaller boutiques need a visual stylist and ask to help in exchange for the experience.
  • Need clothing? Contact local boutiques to find out what their pull policy is. Go shopping and see what deals you can find on classic pieces that may technically be a season or 2 old BUT can still be remixed into something fresh. Get into thrifting!
  • Want to write about fashion? Start a blog (duh!) or reach out to local mags and newspapers about contributing. Get a few clips together and contact other bloggers about the same (if you have a few ideas but aren’t ready to start your own, you can even contact me about a guest post!)
  • They always say intern but if there aren’t any opportunities (or all positions have been filled) don’t get discouraged. Just find another way to get moving so that you can still do what you love!
My point is, do SOMETHING. Don’t be afraid to try something out to see if it works, and don’t wait for things to be perfect either. Figure out what exactly interests you about the industry, research it, plan, and WORK. HARD.  Working in this industry isn’t a cake walk and you have to start somewhere-being outside fashion capitals make it at least 5x harder to compete! Don’t be afraid to ask people questions or make mistakes. Just do what you can to get your own unique voice out there!


Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope that KP FUSION is a source of inspiration for you and that you stay tuned. We have so much more in store!


xoxo, Kimmie


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