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Brands To Know | Q & A with Jewelry Designer Hannah Warner

Since she was a little girl, British designer Hannah Warner has had a love affair with jewelry. After her foundation year at Wimbledon School of Art, Warner continued her studies at London Metropolitan, achieving a BA Hons. in Jewellery.

Her contemporary designs (pieces retail $175-$382) have been featured in InStyle, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and countless other publications. Inspired by the versatility that jewelry offers, Hannah designs collections influenced by travel, nature, and more.

Read on to see images from her Lookbook and learn a little more about the designer.



What drew you to jewelry design?
I have always loved jewelry since I was little. After doing a foundation year at art school, I decided to pursue a degree in learning to design and make jewelry, which then grew into my career. I love how varied jewelry can be fitting to so many different tastes.



Do you remember the first piece you ever made?
In college, I made a collection of rings based upon nature and architecture, 2 themes that still capture my interest today. They were very abstract pieces, full of contrasting elements in surface and shape. I went on to create a cast coral necklace as my first piece, which lead to my first collection, Coral, which I still develop today.

Your designs are inspired by life, nature, culture, and travel; where are some of your favorite places to visit?
Thailand, Brazil, India, NYC…they all contain their own identity with different colours, architecture, cultures all of which are hugely inspiring places to be.

There is a slight darkness/Gothic element to the design; where is that drawn from?
I love natural forms of skulls and the details that they have. I think recreated in metal brings out a powerful eeriness which can be highlighted using precious stones. These bold strong pieces also contain a delicacy to them in their textures as they come from the fragile skull forms before being cast into metal.

If you had to choose, is there a favorite piece out of your current collection?
I love the top finger arrow ring as I love to wear rings on the top part of my finger. It is a part of the finger that people do not normally wear rings on so the design is slightly unusual. It feels and looks great to cover as much of the finger in metal.

What’s in store for you in the upcoming season?
A new collection involving cut gemstones, something that I have not used much of in previous collections. Architecture, spikes, crucifixes are all a huge part of what’s to come.


Visit Hannah’s site here to see the full Lookbook and to learn where to shop!

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