Guest Post | Leather Legs For Fall ‘12 Trend

Fall is storming ahead full force with the leather pant trend in its midst. With affordable faux-options at retailers such as Forever 21 and ASOS, this timeless trend is at the fingertips of many. While the thought of wiggling, hopping and rolling your way into a pair of boa-constricting pants may seem unpleasant and a bit terrifying, the reality is that leather pants are becoming a closest staple much like your coveted blue jeans.

Although an edgy alternative to jeans, leather pants are just as versatile, especially when layering items for fall. Jolt into Starbucks for a Caramel Macchiato, by pairing a classic tee, knit scarf, army jacket and your favorite pair of sneaks for a casual look. Transition a summer tank under a tailored blazer and slip on a pair of sultry heels for a tryst to the nightclub with your girls. Even if you’re not thrilled with the idea of a total leather pant, leather embellishments, like leather panels on denim and leggings can add a bit of oomph to any outfit.

Still not sure how to implement this trend into your wardrobe? Check out a few styling options below:



Paired with a camo jacket, gray tee & red Chuck’s, this is a slightly sporty look that’s perfect for a day running errands or hanging out with friends.



Glam them up with heels, a white peplum top (still a hot trend in itself), and geometric accessories for fun date night out on the town.



Will you be getting in on the leather trend this Fall? How would you wear it? Comment below!


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