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Beauty Buy | L’Oréal Paris True Match LUMI Healthy Luminous Foundation

I’m a drugstore makeup junkie: I love ALL brands, both high and low, but I’ve always felt that you shouldn’t have to break the bank just to look good for a few hours so I’m always on the hunt for items that let me get a lot of bang for my buck. I’ve tried L’Oréal’s True Match Liquid Foundation in the past and have been quite happy with the results (sidenote: they’re still developing new shades in this collection which is AWESOME, esp. if you’re a woman of color), so I decided to test out the L’Oréal Paris True Match LUMI Healthy Luminous Foundation (10.99) for a few weeks to see how it worked.


One of the things that I search for when testing out new foundation is making sure that my skin doesn’t look “flat” when I wear it. While no shine is ideal, your foundation shouldn’t be so heavy that you look one dimensional: this isn’t the 90s, so a little dew never hurt anyone. The formula is 40% water, and contains antioxidants, Vitamin C & E, so that coupled with the Liquid Light Technology, it should give skin a nice, healthy luminous glow. Those ingredients plus an SPF of 20 should also help improve skintone after a few weeks.

I purchased this during the hot, humid Summer so I quickly learned that you MUST wear it with a primer. Otherwise, your face will shine as bright as the sun after an hour. The coverage is buildable so it’s best to apply with a foundation or kabuki brush (my personal preference because I like to “buff” my foundation on); 1 pump maybe 2 is enough to sufficiently cover your face without applying too much.

This has been my go-to foundation for days when I want to look really polished. I found that if I wore another foundation for a while and then switched back to this, I always received a complement on my skin (that I glowed). Because it’s been humid, it lasted for about 4-5 hours before I needed to blot, and unlike a lot of drugstore foundations, it didn’t add a weird tint to my skin after it set; it stayed true and simply started to fade. My skin was able to breathe so no pores were clogged and I didn’t look like I was wearing a mask.

If you want foundation that gives coverage but still allows skin to look youthful  and supple, I highly recommend this.



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