Hot Buy | J. Crew Herringbone Excursion Quilted Vest

I never thought the day would come that I would EVER want to wear a quilted/puffer vest in my adult life but my friends, that feeling has changed.

Last week I came across J. Crew’s Excursion Quilted Vest in Herringbone ($138) (similar here) and I NEED this in my life!



While I’m not fan of how it’s styled for the site (com’on J. Crew! you can do MUCH better than this!),



a former coworker (and current J. Crew sales girl) wore this into my store the other day and looked so stylish!

Paired with dark denim skinnies & boots, layered over an oxblood or teal sweater and belted, the vest is quite flattering to the frame, and it keeps you warm on days when it’s a little brisk outside. Who doesn’t like clothing that does double duty?!

If you take style cues from Blair Eadie over on Atlantic-Specific, then you know you can get more daring with your layering and pair this under your blazer (it’s thin so it won’t add bulk, only texture) and use a bright pop of color with your belt.

Will you be getting in on the vest trend? Comment below!


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