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Outside of a few haircuts & styling appointments here and there, I’ve styled my own hair since I was 14 so I’m always experimenting with haircare brands. I get bored easily so it’s no big deal to cut bangs, dye it a different color, or even buzz it all off (I did that 2 years ago).  I have fun, but on the flip-side, all of that change can go terribly wrong if you aren’t using products that protect your hair. About 2 years ago I started using Organix’s Hair Care products on a whim and I fell in love.

Organix’s line is sulfate free (doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate so it’s not overly drying and stripping hair of essential oils) however, it does lather enough for those that need to see it in order for hair to “feel” clean. Depending on my needs, I’ve tried various collections including the Moraccan Argan Oil, Coconut Milk, Teatree Mint, and now the Acai Berry Avocado.


They all smell absolutely delicious, and the products are really hydrating and moisturizing without being heavy. They’re extremely affordable ($7.99 per item) but they give you salon quality results.

This product is great on both processed and unprocessed hair. I’ve been growing out my relaxer for the last year, and I’ve still been able to use their products without missing a beat. In fact, when I’ve tried to use products designed specifically for transitioning/natural hair, I’ve hated the results, so I’m sticking with what works!

To see Organix’s entire line and shop their products, click here.

Have you used Organix’s haircare products like hair loss product toupee for men?? Which collection is your favorite?

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