Career + Style Stalker: Caroline Issa

For the last couple of days I’ve been doing research on Independent Fashion Magazines (reason why coming soon) and in the process of researching a few Mastheads, I got distracted by street style blog darling Caroline Issa.

I’m a little behind on Caroline’s story but she’s the Executive Fashion Director at Tank, Editor-in-Chief of BecauseLondon, and Fashion Director of Tank Form, a creative consulting agency (they’ve handled campaigns for Levi’s, Christian Lacroix, G -Star, Vivienne Westwood, Chloé, and more).

What fascinated me about Caroline (outside of her gorgeousness) is her background. She graduated from Wharton and initially had a career as a financial consultant. Although she made great strides in her career, she realized that it wasn’t the industry that she belonged in and made the leap to fashion when the opportunity to become a partner with Tank during its early start-up years was presented to her.

She did what most consider to be insane: to leave a high-paying “good” job to pursue something more creative and fulfilling. It’s so hard to walk away from what is comfortable (especially in economic times like these) and travel down the path with the most resistance. To do something that those around you don’t understand (“it’s only fashion!” so many say), that has NO guarantee, takes guts in my book. She basically started following her dream, and for that, I salute her.

Not to mention (and the other reason for this post), the woman has impeccable style! She has fun with color, prints and textures, but she keeps her silhouettes clean; many of her looks have a slightly masculine feel to them, but because of the way that she accessorizes them, they’re still quite feminine.

I’ve been perusing photos of her and these are some of my favorite looks that I’ve found (thus far).

Caroline has inspired me both on the fashion and career front. Who inspires you?


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