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Melanie Auld SS 2013 Collection

Inspired by the beach, elephants and a beautiful tulle skirt on an evening gown, Melanie Auld’s new SS 2013 Collection has me excited about the season. The colorful baubles will be the perfect accent to the more lady like silhouette that’s still prominent in fashion. With an accessible price point (pieces start at $50) it’s luxe jewelry for every day.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection:

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-51

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-22

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-32

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-38

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-44

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-34

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-43

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-63

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-19

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-8

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-11

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-33

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-76

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-37

MelanieAuld_SP13_Retail_Spreads_F_1 8_small-20

To learn more about the brand and how to shop her collections, visit http://www.melanieaulddesigns.com/

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