Downtown Candle Company, KPFUSION
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After a lunch meeting with a friend a few weeks ago, we decided to stop by Downtown Candle Company, a freestanding candle shop located in the downtown south main art district.

Downtown Candle Company, KPFUSION

Family owned, the store had its grand opening in March, however, the owner has been making candles for friends and family for over 10 years; it’s online counterpart has been up and running for awhile as well. Being the candle freak that I am (seriously, there is no easier way to set the mood than lighting a candle) I was super delighted to finally make my way there.

I loved the simple decor of the store (soft music, no clutter, and they feature artwork by Charlisa Murriel on the walls (the pieces are for sale).

Downtown Candle Company, KPFUSION Downtown Candle Company, KPFUSION Downtown Candle Company, KPFUSION

Downtown Candle Company, KPFUSION

The candles are 100% soy-based and use a cedar wick for an even, smooth burn for at least 24 hours. I love fresh, slightly citrusy scents so I picked up Slices. They offer over 28 fragrances, and these are by far some of the best smelling candles I have EVER. HAD.  I literally start burning it as soon as I walk through the door because it smells THAT GOOD lol. Best thing about it? The 11 oz candles are only $15!

Be sure to visit their store anytime you head down to South Main. There’s absolutely nothing like supporting local, especially when it’s a great, high quality product!

Downtown Candle Company
107 GE Patterson Ave, Memphis TN 38103
Hours: Wed-Sat 10:30a – 6:30p | Sun 12-6 | Closed Mon Tues

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