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I’ve been hearing people rave about Anastasia Beverly Hill’s brow products for years but it wasn’t until recently that I personally learned of their greatness. (If you’re not familiar, research the brand’s founder, Anastasia Soare. She trademarked the “Golden Ratio” technique, the best way to determine which brow-shape is best for your face. She’s worked with JLo, Madonna, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Oprah and more).

I picked up the Go Brow Kit ($16) from Sephora to test out, and it’s been in my daily makeup bag ever since.

Anastasia Go Brow Kit

It is PERFECT for women on the go. It comes in 2 shades (I bought Brunette), and in addition to the pencil, the kit has a setting gel & the tiniest, most effective pair of tweezers ever.

One of the things you have to look out for when choosing a brow pencil/powder is the color: if it’s too light it won’t show up, and if it’s too dark, it will give you the dreaded Oscar the Grouch brow (you KNOW what I’m talking about). This pencil has a bit of an ash undertone, so it easily blends with your brow color for a natural finish. Natural sparseness, waxing, and over-plucking can keep them from being less than stellar, but if you need to “beef” up your brows a bit, this pencil won’t overdue it. Brows will just look more defined and full.

Shouldn’t have to be said, but make sure you brush brows up and out before applying in light, feathery strokes. As you work on defining your brow, make sure you periodically step back and look in the mirror so that you don’t over do it. Keep pencil sharpened for the best results (if it’s dull, the lines won’t be clean) and then set with gel for a flake-free hold.

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