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The Clarisonic Alternative

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that a Clarisonic is one of THE best things to invest in for your skincare routine.


It exfoliates, get’s rid of grime like nobody’s business, and leaves skin feeling baby smooth. But….it’s expensive as hell. For some, money is no object but for others, a budget is necessary, and it’s kinda hard to shell out $129 for a facial tool. While I lucked up on mine because I’m a blogger (I wrote about it here), everyone isn’t so lucky, so I started researching alternative, more budget-friendly tools to use for similar results.


As crazy as it sounds, this little facial puff is an excellent alternative for a Clarisonic:


For the past 3 weeks I have been using this little scrubber as part of my daily routine and I can say with confidence that it WORKS. As with a Clarisonic, once you wet it, you only have to add a small drop of your cleanser before applying it to your face. I’ve used it daily and when I’ve given myself a home facial (details on what I used coming), and my face feels exponentially cleaner once done.

Just make sure you use it WET (using it dry is waaay too abrasive for skin on your face) and it’s so much better than just using your hands or a washcloth. Best part? A pack of 12 only costs $1.99 at Target! How’s that for budget beauty?

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