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Style File | Camo Pants

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but I’ve found myself OBSESSED with finding camo pants. No, I’m not about to go hunting or anything crazy like that, but something about the style has been literally haunting me, and I won’t feel like my Fall wardrobe is complete until I find the perfect pair!


In order to do the trend correctly, the color palette has to be right; it can’t be a weird shade of green or khaki, nor do I want it in gray. It HAS to be the classic forest/hunter/olive green palette. Shape? Skinny or straight leg and NO embellishments (though an exposed pocket/zipper could work.


Obsession: Camo Pants
Sanctuary camo chino pants / Baldwin Denim saggy pants / Lovers + Friends brown pants

 These are very close to what I want. 


Surprisingly versatile, camo works well with neutrals, denim, pink, yellow, and darker hues like burgundy. Whether it’s a chambray shirt, a jeweled  sweater, or a silk blouse, the possibilities really are endless:


Untitled #113

N.Peal Cashmere sweater / Equipment slim fit shirt / Brian Lichtenberg black sweat shirt / Madewell silk blouse / Madewell blue shirt / H&M black top, $23

Are you in on the camo trend?

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