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I’ve been cutting, coloring, and styling my own hair since I was 14 years old, so I’m always testing out new drugstore products. Over the last 2 years I transitioned from a relaxer without having to really change my daily styling products, but coloring my hair has been difficult. My hair is curly but kinda coarse, and it took me using a normal box color once to know that that was NOT going to work. I picked up the L’Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look® ($9.99) to test out because I was looking for a product that would make coloring natural hair easier.




It’s a conditioning, non-drip formula, so you apply it the same way that you would shampoo. You apply when hair is unwashed, and you don’t have to apply in sections: just pump the color into your hands, saturate hair and wait. Total application and wait time is around 35-45 minutes (depending on length).

I absolutely LOVE this product, and will definitely continue to use it. The application is super easy, but I also like the fact that as the color grows out, it does a natural fade, so unless you’ve done a 3+ shade difference, nobody will be the wiser. If you’ve wanted to try a box color but was afraid that you might not get complete coverage, I’d definitely recommend trying this.


Make sure that you apply color to the top of your head first. While you don’t have to separate hair, you want to make sure you cover this section first to ensure even saturation throughout.

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