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#StreetStyle | Cooper-Young Festival {Photos}

2013 Cooper-Young Festival. © Fomoloop Photography

This past Saturday was the Cooper-Young Festival, the annual arts + crafts festival that takes place in the area of Memphis known as Midtown (if you’re an artist/creative of any kind, this is the best area to visit if you come to the city). Vendors come from all over the US (And I’m sure some international) for a full day of festivities. You can shop for clothing, jewelry, artwork, crafts, etc. or you can just hang out with friends + family while enjoying some yummy food and live music.

Unfortunately I had to work ALL day and missed it (seriously, I wanted to cry), but my friend + photographer buddy Louis “Ziggy” Tucker was out to capture the scene. Cooper-Young brings such an eclectic group of people together, so it’s fun to just go out and people watch, to be honest.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous Saturday, and it was all about patterns, denim, cutoffs, boots, and the go-everywhere cross-body bag.

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(I love this photo of my friend Ari bc I know those glasses have to be Chanel, YSL, D&G or something designer lol. She’s a devil about getting the detail.)DO7A1258 DO7A1281 DO7A1238 DO7A1223 DO7A1227

Do you get a chance to go to the festival? Find any goodies? Comment below.


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