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While most beauty trends this season are reporting a more matte look for Fall and Winter, some women still prefer the soft, dewy look that they sported during the Summer. And to be perfectly honest, a matte finish isn’t for everyone. If skin isn’t exfoliated properly, you can see dry patches, or if powder is applied too heavily, skin will look cakey. If you don’t have a good primer, you’ll show every pore, wrinkle, and line (and NOBODY wants that). I recently picked up Sonia Kashuk® Perfecting Luminous Foundation in Bamboo ($10.99) to test out.

Sonia Kashuk® Perfecting Luminous Foundation

I like it for days when my skin is behaving and I want to do a “no makeup” look. It’s lightweight, has sheer coverage, and has light reflecting particles, so skin looks fresh and has a slight glow. You can build it up to medium coverage, but honestly, I would just spot treat with a creamy concealer because if you accidentally use too much foundation, you WILL look greasy. I have combination skin so I just use 2 small pumps.

There’s no point in setting it with powder, either. The whole point is to let your skin “illuminate”; applying even a light translucent powder will flatten your look and you want to avoid that. This foundation works best with creams: blushes, concealers, highlighters, etc. I still apply them with brushes so that I can have more precision, but you can use your fingers. If you are a teen or just starting to experiment with foundation, this is a good start (you won’t look like you’re playing in your mom’s compact).

My only wish for this foundation is that there were more shades. Right now it’s only for light to medium-tan shades. There are 6; Bamboo is # 5. The slight tan that I had is almost gone, but if it was mid-summer, I’d easily be # 6, which is crazy considering I’m a fairskinned black woman. A lot of women don’t like the feel of traditional foundation and this one feels like a moisturizer, so it would be a perfect option for them.

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